If the item is received damaged or not as described?

You can return the product within 14 days from the date it was received, provided that the product is in the same condition that you received it with the original box intact and the packaging intact, once we receive the returned product, we will inspect it, and if it is found that the product is defective or damaged, we will refund the value of the product paid to you in full A maximum of 7 working days, as a balance in your wallet on the store, you can buy another product or send a request to transfer the amount to you in your bank account.

But the condition is that we are notified upon receiving the product and discovering the defect or damage within 24 hours from the moment of receipt by means of one of the means of contacting us from here: Contact us

What do I do if my opinion changes or I do not want to purchase the product?

In the event that your mind changes before receiving the product, just contact us to cancel your order, and if the payment is in advance we will return the amount to you within a maximum of 3 working days in your bank account, in the event that the product is shipped and arrives to you, you have 3 days to inform us that you do not want to purchase the product from On the day you receive the product, on the condition that the outer package is intact and not opened, we will arrange procedures for refunding the product and after checking and making sure of the safety of the product, we will resend your refund and deduct the shipping amount and transfer fee, if any.

Under what circumstances is a product not permitted to be returned?

If the return is requested outside the specified time frame of 14 days for defective or non-conforming products from the day of receipt, or outside the 3-day timeframe in case you do not want to own the product.

How long is the return of the product?

A Lil Coffee customer service representative will contact you within 1-3 days from the day of the return request, and agree on the steps to retrieve the product in coordination with the shipping company.

Can I return my product after the specified period?

There may be situations where you were not able to return products on time, and in these cases, please contact our customer service team. You can chat with him through the options available on the Contact Us page to file a complaint.

Complaints are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, all returns accepted in accordance with Egyptian consumer protection laws must adhere to the specified period.

I have paid using the “Cash on Delivery” service, how will I get my money back:

If you have paid through the "cash on receipt" service, the amount will be refunded to your wallet on the site, then you can use the balance either to make new purchases or transfer from one of the money transfer services as desired by the customer, bearing in mind that The transfer fees will be deducted from you, in case you wish not to own the product, but if there is a defect in the product, the cost of return and shipping shall be on the company

I paid in advance by credit card. How will I get my money back?

If you paid by credit card, we will refund the amount to you for up to 30 days, depending on the bank to which your card belongs.

Can I return a product through my delivery company or personally deliver it anywhere?

You can contact a customer service representative and take the required data from him to complete the product retrieval process, but usually the product is returned through our affiliated companies.

Who pays the shipping fees when returning damaged or non-conforming product?

You can return the product for free within 14 days for products that are defective or not in conformity with the specifications from the date of delivery, as we take care of all shipping fees.

When is return not possible?

If the return is requested outside the specified timeframe, which is 24 hours from the moment you receive the product, to report that it is defective or not in conformity with the existing specifications. Or if the product has been used, damaged, or not in the condition that you received it
If it is reported that you do not wish to acquire the product after 3 days after the shipment arrives to you
If the product has been consumed, installed or used anything missing from the package you received including the original packaging of the product, complimentary accessories, accessories or price tag

Lost the box or packing bag that you received the product in. Can it be returned?

We accept returning the product if it is in its original unopened box or packaging with all barcode labels on it, but you can check support for additional information.